Areas of Practice

As a Law Firm that specialises exclusively in legal work for deceased estates, we are able to take instructions from clients and assist them in the following areas of law:-

  • Advising Executors or Administrators regarding Estates or claims made upon Estates.
  • Advice regarding making a claim upon a deceased Estate.
  • Applications for Grants of Representation, Applications for a Grant of Probate where there is a Will, or Applications for Letters of Administration where there is no Will.
  • Advising Executors and establishing the necessary legal mechanisms for ongoing trusts in favour of children of deceased persons.
  • Estate planning advice and superannuation advice.
  • Disputes or claims upon Wills.
  • Advice to Executors and beneficiaries regarding the administration of deceased estates.
  • Application on behalf of beneficiaries who receive a legacy or benefit under a Will but are experiencing substantial problems and delays as to the receipt of that benefit.

The law involving deceased estates can be very technical and quite complex. By practising exclusively in this area of law we feel we have been able to gain the necessary level of professional experience which allows us to perform this work efficiently and effectively.

All the wealth in the world basically changes hands from one generation to the next. Succession law governs the law of deceased’s estates, Wills and Probate, and regulates the transition of estates from the deceased down to their beneficiaries.

Given the complexity of modern life there can be many different aspects, issues or concerns that arise in relation to the proper management and administration of deceased’s estates and we believe we are fortunate enough to have amassed the necessary experience so as to be able to navigate all these different aspects with careful attention, empathy and efficiency.