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Andrew Sheeley & Associates is a Law Firm that practices exclusively in the area of wills and estates and succession law.
If you have a question or concern regarding a deceased estate please do not hesitate to contact us.

We know that dealing with issues or concerns with Estate planning or Estates can be stressful and confusing. Quite often there are strong emotions being dealt with. People are often called upon, usually within strict legal time limits, to make complex decisions about their future, decisions that will affect them and their families. The only way a person can make a proper decision is to understand what their legal options are, how much these options cost, what is involved and how long the process will take. We can provide these important answers so people can make their decisions as to the best way to proceed form an informed, balanced platform with expert advice.

We aim to be as straight-forward and as helpful as we can possibly be. We are experts in this area of law – we better be because for the last 12 years we have done very little else other than Wills & Estate ‘s law.There is never a charge for talking to someone over the phone and doing our best to answer your initial enquiry.  If it becomes necessary for a person to retain the services of a Lawyer on an ongoing basis then that Lawyer, by law, must disclose in writing a costs estimate to the client, setting out their best estimate of the likely fees and disbursements that may be incurred. If you feel we can be of any assistance then we look forward to hearing from you.

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